Green Fee Marbella

What does the Cabopino Green Fee include?

We all know that green fees are the fees we have to pay to play golf at a club. However, the price of these tickets needed to access the course varies depending on some things, that is why in Cabopino Golf Marbella we offer different green fee packages throughout the year to suit all types of players.

Our strategic location in Marbella in the heart of the Costa del Sol, and the different types of players that visit our course (amateurs, professionals, locals, holidaymakers…) encourage us to have different packs adapted to all your needs.

Cabopino Golf Marbella has something that makes it special and unique to play in it: its wonderful views of the Mediterranean, the good atmosphere, and undoubtedly the extensive range of services, make the delights of anyone who comes to visit us, and that more and more players choose us as their reference course and regular practice.

What types of green fees does Cabopino offer and what does the price depend on?

Depending on the season of the year

If you are a local or are lucky enough to be able to travel at any time of the year, you may be interested in seasonal green fees. These give you the opportunity to play golf all year round which is a real advantage at Cabopino Golf as Marbella has almost 360 days of sunshine and warm temperatures that allow you to enjoy the course at any time of the year.

The high, medium and low seasons fluctuate each season, so we recommend you to visit our website to be well informed and choose the one you prefer to come and play.

Depending on the number of holes

Not all courses have the same number of holes, although the normal number of holes is 18, some have several courses that can be complemented to reach this number, or on the contrary, exceed the 18 holes with an extra course; there are also smaller courses that offer only 9 holes.

Once we know how many holes we can play, we have to know how many holes we want to play, as the price of the green fee can also vary according to the number of holes we are willing to play.
For example, in Cabopino Golf Marbella, an 18-hole course, in low season we can play 9 holes for €33 or in high season for €45. On the other hand, if we opt for 18 holes, the price ranges from €50 in low season to €70 in high season.

Depending on the time of day

The time of day also has an influence. If you choose to play first thing in the morning and enjoy the incredible views of the sunrise, you can benefit from the early bird green fee. If you prefer the sunset and watch the grass turn orange, you can come and play in the late afternoon with the twilight green fees.

Special rates for members of the golf course

If you are a golf fanatic a good option is to join our Cabopino Plus loyalty programme. This will give you a certain advantage over other players and you will be eligible for special promotions and activities beyond the offers and bonuses that we can offer to the general public. Remember that as Cabopino Golf is a course with driving range, academy, proshop, and restaurant; being a member of our loyalty programme will give you greater benefits in all these services.

Some of the favourite packs of Cabopino Plus members are the green fee pack with shared buggy for 3 or 10 rounds, and the annual bonuses with special benefits ranging from 15 to 50 rounds.

Whatever you are looking for in Cabopino Golf Marbella we have the perfect green fee for you.

Visit our website, check all our services and start enjoying golf now.

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