What are the benefits of belonging to Cabopino Golf Club in Marbella?

The vast majority of golf clubs have loyalty programmes with which their members obtain exclusive benefits and other advantages over players who do not belong to the club. At Cabopino Golf our club members have numerous advantages. Read on and discover all the benefits our members enjoy after joining for free.

Get to know our programme: Cabopino Plus

Cabopino Plus is our loyalty programme at Cabopino Golf Marbella and it is designed for regular players of the club, with the aim of improving their experience at the course, as well as rewarding their loyalty.

As we mentioned above, the programme has a free subscription, and is established in three levels depending on the number of points the user has. Points are accumulated by making various purchases in the club, and each year you will have the opportunity to move up in rank. From lowest to highest, the levels are divided into bronze, silver and gold, with each level increasing the benefits over the previous one.

What does Cabopino Plus offer you?

Being a member of Cabopino Plus you can get different advantages to buy green fees, make purchases in the Proshop, enjoy in the restaurant or even access to exclusive promotions only for members.

  • Bronze level. At this level you can obtain various advantages, including access to our sales 10 days in advance, discounts in Cabopino associated establishments and a 5% discount in the Proshop, on green fees, in the restaurant or at tournaments.
  • Silver level. At the intermediate level you will be able to obtain greater benefits, such as access to the sales 15 days before their launch or discounts in the various associated establishments. The discount in the Proshop, both in clothing and golf items, green fees, the restaurant or tournaments will be increased to 10%.
  • Gold level. This is the highest level you can reach, you will have the same benefits as in the previous level, but you will also have exclusive access to premium services offered by Cabopino.

Now that you know the Cabopino Plus programme and the different advantages it offers its members, don’t hesitate and start to join this plan that will increase your experience in the club.

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