Tee Time in Marbella: all you need to know

There are many technicalities within golf that, if you are just starting out in this sport, you probably don’t know. So that you can get totally into this world and get to know the terms that the professionals use the most and that we use in our Cabopino Golf Marbella club, we are going to explain to you what tee time is.

The tee time is the specific and exact time at which a group of golfers begins their round on the course. The purpose of this term and its meaning is to help golfers get organised on the green and ensure that the game always runs smoothly. Normally, between each tee time, between 7 and 15 minutes pass.

In short, when it is time to tee time for your group of golfers, you or someone in your group should be hitting the first shot of the round. This is an excellent way to avoid waiting on our Marbella course.

The name tee time comes from the fact that the first shot in the game is made at teeing time, which is the area of the golf course from which the golfer makes his or her first shot on each hole.

It is very important to arrive on time at the tee time in golf

When you are late for your tee time, you may not be able to play golf that day. The times we have at our Marbella facilities are well planned, avoiding queues and crowds of people so you can play with peace of mind.

We will always try to find you a spot at another time within the same day, but we cannot guarantee this. If a group starts their round later because they don’t make it to the tee time, it means that the rest of the players will also be disadvantaged.

When a client books a tee time with us in Marbella, we guarantee that their round will start exactly at that time, neither before nor after.

Book your tee time by contacting us or online

Our course has two options to book your tee time in Marbella: you can contact us and arrange a day and time, or you can do it online in a comfortable, easy and fast way. We are one of the best golf courses on the Costa del Sol, don’t wait and contact us.

We are sure that you will love the careful and professional facilities we have. Besides being able to play golf on your own, we have a golf academy called Cabopino Golf Academy with the best coaches to learn all the techniques and enjoy the sport to the fullest.

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