How to choose the best golf clubs?

Choosing the right golf clubs requires you to keep in mind several points. Below we will give you tips on how to choose the best set of clubs as we go through the anatomy of a golf club point by point.


Parts of a golf club

A golf club is composed of three main parts:

  • Head
  • Shaft
  • Grip


Types of golf club heads

The head is an important part and can have different variations depending on the type to suit the needs of each player.

  • Oversize heads: In drivers, their size is almost a quarter larger than the average standard golf club head.
    • Advantages of oversize heads:
      • ■ They offer a better centre of gravity.
      • Reduces the number of possible errors when striking the ball.
    • ○ Disadvantages of oversize heads:
      • ■ They offer less accuracy.
  • Midsize heads: This is the standard size for most golf clubs.
    • Advantages of midsize heads:
      • ■ In terms of irons, they give better results on shots requiring shorter distances.
  • Blades: Golf clubs with blade heads have several particularities.
    • Advantages of blade heads:
      • ■ More control. They allow you to work the ball better.
    • ○ Disadvantages of blade heads:
      • ■ Their use is recommended for advanced players or professionals with lower handicaps. It is no a disadvantage. The golfer needs to be more experienced to get the most out of it.

What is the grip in golf?

The grip is a vital part of a golf club. It puts us in contact with the club and through, it we can feel the course. You need to understand that using the correct grip will affects safety, not only offer more control and better performance. It is primordial to renew the grips when they are worn.


Grip types for golf clubs

There are several types of grips. The most common raw material used is rubber. There are other kinds of polymers such as elastomer, which is lighter than those mentioned above.

There are three standard grip sizes, from largest to smallest:

  • Jumbo
  • Midsize
  • Lady

It all depends on the size and shape of the player. For example, if a player has large hands, he or she will need a jumbo grip.


Golf club shafts

The shaft is the link between the head and the surrounding grip. Proper shaft selection can greatly affect the type of swing you make.

The most determining factor before choosing a shaft is the height. For example, if your club is too long for your height, it can affect:

  • Poor performance by changing your position relative to the ball when swinging.
  • In the long run, in cases where the size is too uneven, it can lead to injuries that every golfer wants to avoid.

That is why we recommend using a fitting service accompanied by a professional who will advise you to choose the optimal size you need.

At Cabopino Golf we have a fitting service. On this page you will find the availability. We also inform you that this is a service we carry out with Callaway on specific dates. If you need more information, contact us at: +34 951 607 004 or through our contact


Golf Terms

Other important terms you need to know to make the best golf club selection are:

  • Lie: The lie of a club is the angle formed by the intersection of the line of the shaft and the line of the ground when the clubhead is resting flat on the ground.


How to choose the best golf clubs

At this point, with the information you have, you can know the key points when making your purchase. Remember that there are variations between genders: clubs for women and men as well as by age, and there are sizes adapted for children.

To avoid mistakes, expert, professional and optimal advice will help you on your way to becoming the best possible player. For this, it is vital to find a reliable proshop.


Let’s visit. At Cabopino Golf, we will accompany you throughout the whole process, making the most of your time and offering you the best advice. And above all, you will have at your disposal the top brands on the market.


Tips for choosing and buying golf clubs for children

You should bear in mind that they should not be too big for their age. Generally, we tend to make purchases with the future in mind but it is not good if they are too long. For example, they should never exceed 2/3 centimetres in length. Neither should we offer the child a stick that is too heavy, as it could modify his or her style of play and generate bad habits, and in extreme cases and in the long term, the child could even injure himself or herself. We must not only encourage children to love sport, but also promote a safe and fun sport.


If these tips have been of interest to you, please do not hesitate to comment on what you would like to see in the near future. We value your opinion and as always we look forward to seeing you at Cabopino Golf.

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