How should I dress to attend a golf club?

The dress code is a very important detail in any social circle. There is a proper way to dress for different occasions and gatherings.

There has been a dresscode in golf for dozens of years, and that is why in this article we will explain how to dress to attend a golf club.

Sometimes choosing the right dress can be difficult, not only for aesthetics but also for comfort. Don’t forget that golf is a sport where you need to dress appropriately to perform well.

Where does golf clothing come from? History of Golf

Scotland is the motherland of golf, and there are articles documenting the existence of personalised clothing for the sport dating back to the late Middle Ages. Although, the closest we see today in the clubs dates back to the 20th century, when golfers wore jackets, ties and caps. After arriving in the land of opportunity, the United States, with its warmer climate on the west coast, a different form of dress began to be seen in the clubs.

A formal aesthetic line is still maintained, but synthetic fabrics are starting to be used to improve breathability and freedom of movement for golfers.

How to dress to go to a golf course

Nowadays, everything has changed. Now there is a variety of materials that allow a much more comfortable game, as well as a greater variety of garments and designs. In general there are certain common features at all golf courses depending on the gender of the player (remember, each club has its own rules!).

Men’s golf dress code

Golfers commonly dress as follows:

  • Classic-cut dress trousers or slacks in a single colour. Never jeans or other sportswear.
    • If they are short, they should be slightly above the knee and, in both cases, wear a belt. But remember, in some fields wearing shorts is forbidden.
  • Shirts with collars or polo shirts, all must be tucked in under the shorts.
  • Matching gloves

Female golf dress code

Women golfers generally dress as follows:

  • Dress, skirt or trouser-type skirt but not above the knee.
  • Golf gloves

Any hat or cap must have a visor on the front (more details below).

Golf footwear

All footwear must be solely and exclusively golf footwear. No other footwear, such as trainers, should ever be worn. This is not only for aesthetic reasons but also for the players safety.

Know your club’s dresscode

There are public and private clubs, some are stricter than others, but there are points in common. Some have a specific code, and you can find it easily and conveniently on their websites. You only need to ask through your club contact and don’t have to worry about it.

As you can see, it is an interesting subject and each club has its own idea about the most appropriate way to dress or play, as well as some more traditional clubs that maintain the tradition of caddies. Our recommendation to avoid making mistakes is to ask about it.

Golf is one of the few sports that has not forgotten elegance and, over the years, has evolved in an interesting and innovative way. In case you need to renew your wardrobe in our proshop you will be able to do so with the best possible advice.

Dress code of Cabopino Golf

Below we will show you our dresscode.

What we do accept:

  • Caps with the visor facing forward.
  • Shirts with collar and short or long sleeves.
  • Shirts worn tucked in, unless designed to be worn outside.
  • Dress trousers or Bermuda shorts.
  • Shoes designed for playing golf (no metal spikes).

Want to know more? You have all the information in this link where you will have detailed and illustrated everything you need to know to attend Cabopino Golf.

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