Golf Academy for adults

The passion for golf can arise at any age, but in adulthood, it seems complicated to get started in this subject, or maybe not. At Cabopino Golf Academy, we adapt to you by creating a perfect environment where you can get started golf, no matter your age. Are you ready to start practising your new passion?

Is it a problem to start playing golf as an adult?

Although we have a specialised academy for children at our facilities, at Cabopino Golf Academy, you can start your golfing career at any age. It is not a problem on a physical level as this type of activity is low impact, provides flexibility and improves torso rotation. In addition, on a mental level, it is an incredible way to reduce anxiety and improve mood. In other words, golf brings you health and well-being.

How the classes at Cabopino Golf Academy develop

Generally, people who decide to start have doubts about how to perform their game, so Cabopino is available to guide students in achieving their goals. There is no age limit for beginners in adult golf academy classes. From 18, it is possible to start practising and taking English and Spanish classes.

At the Golf Academy, there are no minimum requirements to participate in the lessons as part of the Academy’s function is to create players from the beginning. However, you must be able to wave your hands around your spinning body. It is essential to be able to pursue the perfect golf swing.

Setting a goal in the development of the lessons is vital to the learning process. That’s why, at the Golf Academy, a plan is developed to help you evolve in your career as an amateur or professional golfer.

Juraj Pavle, a teacher at Cabopino Golf Academy, comments: “Golf is one of those sports that a person can play for a lifetime and never really be satisfied. Yes, there is always something to learn”.

Benefit from the Cabopino Golf Academy

At Cabopino Golf Academy, we have a learning space for all ages where you can start hitting and developing your skills in an environment adapted to you. Our team of professionals will adapt to your needs and show you their tricks and knowledge to help you evolve quickly.

You will also enjoy the exceptional views of our course and develop your style of play on each of our 18 holes, specially designed by the architect Juan Ligués Creus. Experience that will be your favourite relaxation moment.

Cabopino Academy wants to help you enjoy Cabopino to the fullest. That is why our Academy offers incredible advantages that will help you become part of the community and enjoy golf like never before.

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