Benefits of enrolling your child at Cabopino Golf School

Golf is a sport which, as has been scientifically proven, increases life expectancy by five years due to the physical activity it provides and the psychosocial benefits it brings. These factors mean that this sport is considered fundamental for health as it adapts to all ages and sexes, contributing not only to physical but also psychological wellbeing.

If you are thinking of starting to play golf, you should know that it is a sport that will get you hooked despite the fact that at the beginning it has a fairly slow learning curve due to the technicality of this activity.

At what age is it advisable for children to start playing golf?

Golf is a sport that can be started at a very young age, specifically when they have enough motor skills to hold the club and hit the ball and learn the basics to make a good swing.

At around 3 years of age, children begin to take up the sport, but it is important to emphasise that they should use plastic clubs and treat “training” as a fun game in the open air. Touching the ball from a very young age allows the child to become familiar with golf and learn the mechanics of the game.

However, as a general rule, experts recommend playing the sport regularly from the age of 5 with equipment adapted to the height of each child. This is because children at this age already have good muscle development, coordination, attention span and concentration.

Why should you enrol your child in golf lessons?

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that this activity has several benefits for children, among which we find:

– It combats sedentary lifestyles while they have contact with nature and therefore learn to respect it.

– It helps children’s physical development

– It improves children’s mental capacity and psychological development.

– Increases self-esteem and self-improvement.

– Develops patience

– Teaches basic factors about fair play and following the rules.

 Why sign up for golf lessons at Cabopino Golf Club?

The Cabopino Golf Academy allows students to improve their game through modern learning techniques and professional golf teachers with years of experience in this discipline.

In order to adapt to any kind of needs, Cabopino Golf Club offers a wide range of different rates, not only for private lessons but also different packs of golf lessons ranging from 3 to 10 lessons.

On the other hand, Cabopino Golf Club also offers classes for children organised every three months with a big tournament at the end of the course.


Don’t hesitate to reserve so that the little ones can enjoy and learn at Cabopino Golf Club.

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