3+1 Benefits of play Golf

The opportunity to enjoy golf does not always present when we need it most. Our pace of life seems to get faster and faster and finding that treasure we call free time becomes an odyssey. For this reason and to make the most of your valuable time, today we will show you 4 reasons why you should visit and play at Cabopino Golf so that you can make the most of your time.


Benefits of playing Golf for the body and mind


As the great Bob Ryan, sports writer and journalist, said: “golf is a passion, an obsession, a romance, a pleasant living with trees, sand and water”.


The need to play is implicit in the DNA of golfers. So much so that our brain unleashes a platoon of hormones as soon as we set foot on the course, for example, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. It has been proven for years by various institutions that practising sports stimulates the production of beneficial hormones and can delay neurodegenerative diseases.


As the mighty Romans used to say “Mens Sana in corpore sano”. Play golf in Cabopino, breathe a healthy environment and practice a sport that will give you countless benefits in your daily life.


Golf as the master plan to avoid stress


Nowadays, where noise and distractions follow us everywhere, golf courses such as Cabopino are becoming more and more valued. They are an ideal place to concentrate on the game and escape from the daily routine.


Cabopino Golf will provide you with a different and special landscape. Along the 18-hole course, you will enjoy not only exciting challenges but also pleasant flora cared for in detail by our greenkeeper, in addition to the design of the great Juan Ligués Creus, which offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.


Improve your handicap at Cabopino


Not all clubs offer an Academy service, and the task of finding a teacher can sometimes be daunting. We know how hard it is to improve your level of play, which is why we offer an academy service.


In our academy, you will have instructors of the highest level with experience, not only in teaching golf but also in the competitive world such as:


  • Juraj Palve, Scottish Golf Club Champion.
  • Juan Carlos Aguero Rozadilla, gold medal for sporting merit in golf by the RFEG.
  • Not forgetting the great teacher and professional Francis Navarro Solero.


The classes are necessary to improve but also to test your newly acquired skills, so there is an end-of-course tournament for all students (And if you are a member of Cabopino Plus you will have a discount on classes!)


Golf  Tournaments in Andalucia


We have shown you the benefits of playing golf, a place to play and how to improve but what options are there when it comes to enjoying a fun match? At Cabopino we have a Tournaments section on our website  where you can see deadlines, inscriptions and all the information about the type of golf tournament that will take place.


We could say a lot but we would like to end this recommendation by quoting a true golf lover:


“Golf is a game that is played simply and honourably, without delay or complaint, where you respect your fellow players, you respect the rules and you respect the land where you walk. On the 18th hole, you take off your cap, shake hands with your opponent, and walk off the course perhaps a little more humble and wiser than when you started the round”.

George Peper.

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