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Dress code

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All sports should be practiced with appropriate clothing. Most of them are designed to enhance the player’s comfort. If you play golf, you may have noticed that it has its own special requirements. Therefore, we recommend consulting our dress code: a detailed list of what is considered acceptable and unacceptable.

However, our Proshop is equipped with the necessary clothing, so any unintentional dress code mistakes can be quickly resolved.

No Acceptable

  • Rugby/Football shirts or any shirts carrying logos, slogans, numbers o illustrations that are not golf related.
  • T-shirts of any variety.
  • All types or colour of denim, paramilitary or camouflage style trousers, combat trousers (multipockets), cut-offs or tracksuits.
  • Sports shorts, beach shorts or denims.
  • Football socks.
  • Trainers, sandals or metal-spiked golf shoes.


  • Golfing headwear worn correctly.
  • Shirts with collar and sleeves.
  • Shirts tucked into trousers or shorts unless specifically designed not to be tucked in.
  • Tailored long or short trousers.
  • Golf shoes with soles designed for playing on the course (no metal spikes).

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